Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Bit Rubbish...

I know I haven't blogged for over a week..but I've felt a bit rubbish all week,nothing in particular,just a bit blah!
So I've spent the week watching loads of TV,reading and of course lots of lovely crochet.
Mims 18th celebration was nice,it was really just a few of her friends and our family eating,chatting , having a few drinks and the obligatory 'Singstar' that rears its tone-deaf head everytime we have a get together!!
I stressed so much about food but in the end cooked loads of lovely 'comfort' foods..

Roast Veggies...

Thick Veggie soup with loads of crusty bread.

 Sticky Sausages...

 Cheese 'n' Red Onion stuffed jacket potatoes.

and I'm happy to say it all went down very well,all that was left was some soup which We ate for lunch the next day.

I've been buying up loads of Sirdar Peru yarn for no reason other than I love the beautiful muted shades it comes in. I've had a vague blankety picture in my head for a while so I decided that it was destined for a lovely zig zag blanket for my spent my crochet time remembering how to ripple and getting my new blanket underway.

 Lovely colours!


So far its only 13 rows long and is just a little too wide to be a great long cosy scarf..but soon I'll snuggling under it instead of having to borrow the discarded 'Hannah Montana' blanket or the tatty old 'Disneyland' one both of which are still servicable and warm..but far too small to wrap myself in.

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