Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Bit Rubbish...

I know I haven't blogged for over a week..but I've felt a bit rubbish all week,nothing in particular,just a bit blah!
So I've spent the week watching loads of TV,reading and of course lots of lovely crochet.
Mims 18th celebration was nice,it was really just a few of her friends and our family eating,chatting , having a few drinks and the obligatory 'Singstar' that rears its tone-deaf head everytime we have a get together!!
I stressed so much about food but in the end cooked loads of lovely 'comfort' foods..

Roast Veggies...

Thick Veggie soup with loads of crusty bread.

 Sticky Sausages...

 Cheese 'n' Red Onion stuffed jacket potatoes.

and I'm happy to say it all went down very well,all that was left was some soup which We ate for lunch the next day.

I've been buying up loads of Sirdar Peru yarn for no reason other than I love the beautiful muted shades it comes in. I've had a vague blankety picture in my head for a while so I decided that it was destined for a lovely zig zag blanket for my spent my crochet time remembering how to ripple and getting my new blanket underway.

 Lovely colours!


So far its only 13 rows long and is just a little too wide to be a great long cosy scarf..but soon I'll snuggling under it instead of having to borrow the discarded 'Hannah Montana' blanket or the tatty old 'Disneyland' one both of which are still servicable and warm..but far too small to wrap myself in.

Friday, 19 February 2010

That Friday Feeling....

Its Friday lunchtime and with an important weekend looming ahead I really should be cleaning,cooking,planning,clearing out etc etc..
My middle daughter Mim turns 18 on Sunday so Saturday night we are having an 'open house' type of thingy,where any of our family or friends can drop by for something to eat and drink and help Mim celebrate.
We also have some friends and family travelling down from the Highlands for the weekend,one of whom is a fellow hooky sort so I'm pretty excited about comparing projects!
But anyways back to today..I really want to spend the day with my hook and yarn..


I have a weeks worth of 'The Archers' on my Ipod to catch up on and about a billion people wanting me to crochet hairbands or little birdies for them...



Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Weekend in The Granite City.

I spent a long weekend in Aberdeen visiting my oldest daughter who is studying at the university there,my 7 year old came along too as she misses her biggest sister a lot.
Anyway We arrived there after 2 am as whenever I travel and where ever I travel theres inevitably delays..this time it was (and I'm quoting Scotrail here) 'Failed Freight' ??? I'm not too sure what that meant but it delayed us by almost 2 hours in a place called Laurencekirk,which until friday night I didn't even know existed.
But when we arrived tired and hungry look what waiting for us...

                                             Little choccy cakes...

A lovely big plateful of beautiful and delicious chocolate cakes..We tucked into a few each of these and then slept until until almost lunchtime.

Our weekend was full of shops and food and a trip to the cinema and a lovely walk to the beach..
New York Passion Fruit Cheesecake flavour!

A bit too cold too paddle..

Late afternoon winter North Sea!

Heading home.

and all too soon it was time to come home,the journey back was uneventful and everything ran smoothly and on time although I did notice this guy wandering about looking cheeky at Aberdeen train station!

Nosey..noisy seagull.

Hope everyone had as lovely a weekend as I did.
Em x 

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A New Approach..

My original intention when I first started this blog was to post something new every 2-3 days rather than the less than once a week which is the reality.
My problem is that I tend to write these posts (usually) late at night when no one else is vying for my attention and any household chores needing to be done are eithe done or put off until tomorrow (which I might add in regards to household chores frequently never comes) but anyway blogging late at night have its disadvantages because I find I've forgotten all the things I've noticed during the daytime that I want to mention in my blog posts!
So I'm going to keep a notebook with me to jot down thoughts,ideas etc during the days and see if I can make some sense out of my ramblings in the evenings.

So earlier in the week I decided to sort of sort out my very very large yarn stash.
What actually happened is ..I took it all out of the very large chest of drawers that it lives in,spread it all over the rug,looked at it lovingly,lay on top of it (much to my daughters amusement) and put it all back again!
I did eventually part with a big bag of odds and ends as my Sister has just decided to start hooking and didn't want to spend money on yarn until she decided if she likes it or not.
Back to my stash though and I came across about a billion of cheap acrylic DK in a myriad of colours so I've liberated these balls and they are on their merry way to becoming part of any number of small fun projects I've got on the go at the moment.


One last thing I wanted to mention as I'm hoping someone can advise me on this..
I have a houseplant I think its whats known as a 'Christmas Cactus' it belonged to my Grandma until she died in 2003 when I took it to live with me and the poor thing has survived against the odds because me and houseplants do not get on at all.

So I've had this plant for almost 7 years now which I thought was a good age for a houseplant until I got to thinking a bit more about it and I can never ever remember a time when this plant wasn't somewhere in my Grandma's kitchen.
So by reckoning it could be closer to 40 years old if not even older.
Does anybody know if this is possible and if so is this a good age for a plant of this sort? 


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sew Pretty...

So I finally decided that after 18 months and only 3 uses it was finally time to get my sewing machine out of its hiding place and get to grips with it...
Of course my visions of beautifully sewn goodies were nothing but delusions! It has taken me most of the past week to just learn how to thread it,turn it on and run it without constantly referring to the instructions!
But I think I'm sort of ready to go now...I've bought some cheap material to practise with and cut up a load of pretty but old and useless clothes to attempt to make a patchwork something with!!
I also bought some books to help me along..some a bit boring but very helpful and some just sooooo beautiful.......

                                         Dream Room....


                                                        Oneday Maybe.....
Dream on...
Well you never know..I mastered crochet so I might well get my head around the whole sewing thingy..I hope so!
I finally finished the Big Blue Ripply..I just need to sew or weave the ends in..a necessary evil that I just loathe doing,I just need a bit of spare time to do it in...
See you soon bloggy-verse xxxxxx