Friday, 8 January 2010

Snowy Fun!

On Tuesday morning I got up very briefly at 6.20 am and glanced out of the window to see if the forcast heavy snow had appeared..but no,not a single back off to bed I went having a little giggle to myself at all the people I know who had panicked about the aforementioned snow..only to rise again at 8am to about 3 inches of glittering,pure white snow!!
It snowed heavily until about 4pm and has snowed on and off ever since then,I think We have had about 10 inches fall around where I live,I've never seen so much snow since I was a child living in Germany.
Anyway I decided that rather than sit in the house and moan about it I'd get out and build a snowman,throw a few snowballs etc
and do you know what..I loved it!!

So for two lovely days snowy fun was had by all!
But now its a bit messed up and dirty looking..going a bit slushy then freezing again,its just slippy and cold now.

So to keep warm and cosy I've spent a good bit of time this week getting on with my very first attempt at a ripple blanket,after hours of agonising and almost crying because I couldn't quite get it right I finally cracked it and now I'm well on my way to a lovely blue ziggy zaggy stripey blanket...
Its getting pretty cosy sitting under it whilst I hook away,unlike the last blanket I made which was in the middle of summer..I was so hot sewing it together that I kept falling asleep!
One last thing I really wanted to mention,I read lots of books,I don't have a genre I prefer over any other I just love to read.
So last January I decided to make a note of every book I read over the year and my goal was one book a week,which at one time would have been easy peasy for me,but since I discovered crochet and computers my reading time has greatly reduced.
Anyways I read a grand total of 50 books and had 2 more books not quite finished so..not a bad years reading I think.
I read a mixture of old favourites and new discoveries including the delicious stories by Alexander McCall Smith...

I only picked up one of his books because my daughter had been studying it at college and She'd left it lying around..and now I'm hooked!
I re-read all the Harry Potter books and some other old favourites,I as always took an entire library on holiday with me in the summer and I sought comfort in some old friends during a sad time in the autumn.
so 2010..I'm onto my third book already and hoping to beat last years goal! 


Carrie said...

Hi Em, thanks for visiting my blog! You're doing well on the blanket! When I did mine I found the first row so fiddly I nearly gave up. It definately gets easier though!
I know what you mean about reading less becuase of crochet. I used to read quite a lot, but now I seem to be in the habit of knitting/crocheting and watching TV at times when I used to read. I also can't seem to find a book I can really get into. I just finished David Copperfield, and it literally took me months! So one book a week is very good going!
Nice to meet you, stay safe in all that snow!
Carrie xx

Hooked in Hove said...

Welcome to our blogiverse Em! Thanks for stopping by. I'll be following your blog with interest - loving the ripple by the way (another one on my to do list!)

Em said...

Thank you both so much for stopping by..the big ripply is coming along fine its just sooo big now!!
Em x