Saturday, 23 January 2010


Hello Bloggy-verse..I've had a free week and my lovely OH has had most of the week off work too,so I had originally planned to get very crafty and try out a few ideas I'd had floating about recently BUT a sore finger put paid to all of that!
I am a lifelong nail biter,disgusting I know but I do it without even noticing,anyways I think I've nibbled a bit too much on one nail and the skin at the side and basically its become very sore,swollen and infected OUCH!
and silly as it sounds the throbbing pain has ruined my entire week..I've managed only 4 rows on my crocheted blanket and I really wanted to get it finished by this weekend.
So I've moped about most of the week reading 'Kane and Abel' for the first time in years.
We took a sneaky trip to the cinema on Wednesday afternoon to see 'Sherlock Holmes' and it was brilliant and nice to get out by ourselves for once,although we didn't realise it was pensioners afternoon at our local cinema and they put the heating up so I really struggled to stay awake!!
As for crafty-ness all I've managed apart from my 4 rows of crochet is to line a bag I made in the summer...

The pattern for my bag comes from here..Lovely Bag from lovely Attic 24 the very first blog I ever looked at last year when I learning to crochet.
So my tale of woe is almost over..the swollen finger is on the mend and I'm going to stop moping and go to a big Burns Night party tonight and indulge in haggis and single malt whiskey and hopefully get a good bit of crochet accomplished tomorrow.
Em x


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Em. Thank you for stopping by Cotton Pickin Cute to visit me and become a new follower. How did you learn of me if you don't mind my asking or even remember. I get lost in blogland all the time.

I wish I could crochet. My mother did it for years but her left hand teaching just kept the right handed me confused or at least we can say that's the reason I can't do it. You must enjoy it and find it so relaxing. And isn't it terrible how just a little finger paper cut or a hang nail can hurt like the dickens. I hope your fingers are better.

I see you're for Yorkshire. I would LOVE to visit England. When I was a little girl I told everyone in my family, when I grow up I'm moving to England and taking voice lessons so I can talk like they do. It's really hilarious when you hear my horrible thick Southern accent saying it. LOL. Of course I was certain I was going to grow up to be twiggy too. Another ridiculous thought seeing how I'm 5 ft 3 in tall. Ha-ha.

Sorry I mad this so long. Hope all is well on your side of the world. I look forward to following and getting to know you this year.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Concetta said...

Kane and Abel - wow that takes me back! Hope your finger is mended and thanks for stopping by my blog. x