Saturday, 16 January 2010

Keeping Cosy

So at long last the horrible snow has just about dissappeared from our little corner of the world but its seems to have been replaced by lots of dull grey skies and endless depressing!
Keeping cosy and cheery has been my main focus this past week so I've read lots,listened to lots of podcasts and crocheted even big blue ripply blanket is getting huge and is fast becoming a bit too cosy when I'm sat under it crocheting..a few times now I've found myself on the verge of dozing off to sleep. I had a panic early in the week when my yarn supplies for the blanket started to run low,I'm using a random assortment of chunky and aran weight yarns in shades of blue and grey,its for my youngest daughter to go with her Doctor Who bedding!
Anyway by Thursday I was getting desperate for more colours so a quick trip to 'Paulines' was in order to stock up.

So with all my fabulous new shades of blue and grey I've made so much progress that I think I'll be finished next week..I've done 68 rows so far and to be honest I'm not quite sure how many I'll need but I think I'm well over halfway.
I was woken this mornig far too early by the postman with a parcel for me,inside were lots of lovely crocheted pink squares and some nice Rowan felted tweed yarn from my daughter at university.
The squares are for me to crochet together in groups of 4 for a big pink blanket she is making and the yarn was for me..I've stashed it away for a future project!

My Daughter has used a wide variety of yarns in many textures and weights..I'm really interested in seeing how its going to turn out as the only blanket I've ever made from squares was from different shades of the same yarn.
I meant to take a picture of the Rowan felted tweed but when I went to the drawers where it was stashed I just didn't have the heart to move Coco from her cosy spot!

I have a mostly free week coming up so I'm hoping to post a little more often and catch up with a few projects that have been bouncing around my brain for a while now.
Byee xxx 

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Concetta said...

Hello Em
thaks for your comments and adding me to your blog roll! Oh your cat is soooo cuddly looking and cosy like your beautiful work!. We had a cat almost identical but she died last year. Seeing your picture makes me want to get another!