Tuesday, 22 December 2009


So here I am with only two days to go until Christmas day..hardly any of my presents wrapped,the house in total chaos an uber food shop to be done and what do i plan on doing?
Crochet..thats what!!!
I've finally turned some of my many circles into scarves...

and now I feel like something new..I think I'm going to try a 'ripple' pattern blanket..so watch this space!!
My little corner of South Yorkshire waws prettified briefly over the weekend by a rather heavy snowfall,now usually I can't stand the horrible cold,wet,white stuff but as We had to go out on Sunday afternoon I thought I'd take my camera along and seize any photo opportunity that came along!
There were some absolutely beautiful sights to be seen on our hour long trip including a long bush lined road that had a blackbird sat in every single bush!!
Unfortunately We couldn't stop to grab these shots as the roads were pretty scary and to stop was to (apparently) invite disaster!
But I did grab a few pretty snow scenes...

 I think We've had our share of snow though now and I for one am not sad to see it go, its very pretty to look at through the window when I'm all cosy in my house..but not so much fun when I have to trudge down the very slippery hill I live on..to try and get my Christmas organised!

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