Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Lazy days.

A good proportion of Saturday was spent watching Dr Who DVD's And turning these beautiful beads into a memory wire bracelet and necklace.

Having spilt my dish of beads across the floor twice I didn't get my bits'n'bobs finished in time to wear at the family party we spent Saturday night at I ended up sat until late that night still stringing beads watching yet more Dr Who...Then a quick glance at the computer turned into a couple of fiddly hours trying to get my head round this whole bloggy nonsense,I finally crept tiredly up to bed at 3am!

Early Sunday afternoon we took a run out to Penistone to see a steam train crossing the viaduct there..the depressingly dull sky didn't lend itself to good photography which was disappointing as I had excitedly pictured the plume of steam against the crisp blue sky..sadly though that image stayed in my head.
It was still rather exciting to spot the train in the distance and hear it chugging along getting nearer and nearer..

A coffee and parkin stop at my Mums rounded off the afternoon nicely!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

So..whats this blogging thingy all about?

Here goes,My first ever venture into blogging..
My first foray into the blogosphere..
Opening my life up for all of cyberspace to see...and..
Its a little bit scary..
Its more intense than a status update on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter!
But,anyways Onwards and upwards..
I hope you like this little glimpse into my own chaotic corner of the universe and stop by often.
I'm hoping to post a ton of pictures as I tend to photograph almost every aspect of my life..and given the oppurtunity to talk I can ramble on endlessly about the joys of crochet or the delicious-ness of a particular cheese or the wonder of a newly discovered author or musician!
So I'm going to leave it here for now as its incredibly late (or indeed very early for those who go to bed at a reasonable hour) but I'm hoping to stop by tomorrow and post some pictures and tales of my weekend.
Nighty night xx